Little Paws Hotel Series

Focusing on emotional well-being and mental health, these six books

thoughtfully address separation anxiety, fear of new experiences,

perfectionism being bullied, being the bully and bereavement/ grief.  


Each story is told through the eyes of different breeds of dogs

who are visiting or staying at The Little Paws Hotel.

Bullies Out, a UK based Anti-Bullying charity, recommend Dudley and Peggy as

stories to help foster open and honest conversations about bullying behaviour -


Bracken Wood Collection 

Focusing on character eduction & development, these five books thoughtfully instil

values and virtues to do with kindness, perseverance, acceptance, gratitude and respect.


Each story is told through the eyes of threatened or endangered British woodland

creatures with facts about their habitat, features and food weaved into the stories.  

Head 2 Heart Books has partnered with People's Trust of Endangered Species, a charity based

in London, and is donating 5% of sale proceeds to PTES to help bring the wild back to life! www.ptes.org 


All our stories have three questions at the back of each book to encourage and support conversations with

the young reader about the themes addressed and there is a FREE downloadable resource pack with

book-related activities and crafts to help further conversations at home or in the classroom.

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