Olive sparked some lovely conversations at bedtime about who we talk to about

our worries and when mummy goes away for the day...Really sweet. They are lovely books.

Georgie (parent)


My daughter absolutely loves the book. So do I. And, she got the message.

Helped her to adjust in a new school. Also, such a beautiful edition. Thank you.  

Clare (parent)

​The books help to highlight symptoms and normalise them so that children can see how to work through their challenges. They appeal because they avoid specific diagnoses and allow different symptoms (physical,physiological, emotional and mental) to be discussed. These books feel unique in highlighting life experiences with a lesson to learn in a clear story structure.

Amita, Consultant Child Clinical Psychologist 


I’ve got my mitts on your books.  They are FABULOUS.  Reading them to Evie and Martha

and they love them, such gorgeous illustrations and we are big into mindfulness in this house so they are perfect. 

Lucy (parent)

Conventional stories applying topical and current issues. Good classroom resources.

Lisa, Acting Deputy Head Teacher, Yr 1-3, Yr2 Teacher

I read it (Olive) last night and I thought the sentiment was exceptional, subtle but made the point. 

Great artwork as well.  

Mark (parent)

The books are useful as they show a child's journey through their feelings and don't offer stark solutions. 

There is room for discussion to guide the child and help them problem solve within a structured story.

Sam, Inclusion Manager, BSc (Hons), PGCE, NaSENCO, Primary School Teacher​​​

Clare and Maria's books compliment the 'Learning Tool Kit' and 'Growth Mind Set' . 

They provide a way to talk with the children about what they may be experiencing and

they address specific PSHE topics as well as being an enjoyable story.

Kate, Yr Teacher, Healthy Schools Coordinator

Topics in these books are sensitively handled and there is practical advice which you

can discuss in relation to the dog, but then transfer across to the child's experience. 

Jessica, PGCE (primary) and qualified specialist teacher of children with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia)



I like the topics chosen which I feel reflect the issues impacting on a large

percentage of children and young people. 

 Kate, Consultant Clinical Psychologist


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