Young children struggle to talk about big emotions that are part of their everyday life. These beautifully illustrated rhyming children's books are relatable and well researched; each story helps children to explore their thoughts and feelings, offering them useful ways to think their emotions through and get conversations started.  Aimed at children 3 - 8 years old. 

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The Little Paws Hotel
Dogs are booked in for one day or more.
Who has come to stay? Let’s open the door.

Dudley is an English Sheepdog.

He is at The Little Paws Hotel for the day where a dog called Minnie is calling him names. This makes Dudley feel sad and he really wants the name calling to stop.  

Find out how Dudley gets on. 



This story gently explores thoughts and feelings to do with being bullied.


Peggy is a wire haired Lurcher.

She is a rescue dog who is welcomed into a new family, but she cannot settle and is quite unkind.  Peggy visits The Little Paws Hotel each week and every time she goes she is mean to the other dogs. 

Find out how she gets on. 


This story gently explores emotions around being the bully. 

Bullies Out, a UK based Anti-Bullying charity, recommend Dudley and Peggy as stories

to help foster open and honest conversations about bullying behaviour. 


Olive is a miniature dachshund.

Her family is out for the day and Olive needs looking after, so she is booked in to The Little Paws Hotel. It’s Olive’s first visit and she arrives feeling worried. Find out how she manages to get through the day. 




This story gently explores feelings of anxiety and separation anxiety.


Gus is a black Labrador.

Gus is off on a day trip to the seaside with his friends at The Little Paws Hotel. But his fear of sand stops Gus from having fun and he decides to stay in the car. His fear affects what he thinks, how he feels and how he behaves. Find out how Gus gets on at the beach. 




This story gently explores worries about new experiences and how thoughts, feelings and behaviour are linked.


Fig is a pug.

She can perform lots of fun tricks but worries she will make a mistake and let her owners down.  When Fig’s owners go away for the weekend she is booked into The Little Paws Hotel where she gets a little help from her friends. Find out how she gets on when her owners return.  



This story gently explores worries and fears about making mistakes.

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