SATURDAY 24th September 2022

Join Clare Luther and Bob Hartman for their Storytelling Workshop at the

Playtime National Conference ,Cardiff with Care for the Family.

'Embrace Each Moment'

As toddler group leaders, we can be such a lifeline to the families we work with. Our groups provide safe spaces, practical help and encouraging conversations, where parents, carers and children feel loved and supported. But how often in those everyday interactions, do we consider that we’re making a huge difference in their lives? 


When we actively stop to embrace each moment we share with families, we can grasp the significance of the impact we’re having. Come ready to be challenged and changed as we embrace each precious moment together. 

You’ll come away with:

  • Your bellies full and your spirits lifted!

  • Fun and creative ideas for your church toddler group

  • A reminder of the value you bring to each moment and encouragement that everything you do leaves a lasting impression on toddlers and their families

  • Tips that’ll motivate and empower you to keep going 

  • Unique opportunities to network with toddler group leaders from across the UK and be inspired for the future


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