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Hello ... 

I'm Clare Luther    





studied Occupational Therapy at Oxford Brookes University and have worked as an Occupational Therapist and Life Coach, both in the public and private sector until 2013.


I now spend my time writing children's picture books, running my small independent publishing business, Head 2 Heart Books, and keeping six dachshunds happy and healthy at my dachshund doggie day care/ boarding business 'The Little Paws Hotel'.


I have held a passion for poetry writing since my teenage years and love encouraging young children and adults to find creative ways of talking about their thoughts and feelings.


I live in London in a faith-filled home with my husband, two children and our miniature smooth black and tan dachshund, Wotsit.  Wotsit qualified as a pet therapist with Pets As Therapy in 2018.

Clare Luther and Wotsit Colour.jpg



The Little Paws Hotel series

Stories told through the eyes of different breeds of dogs focusing on emotional well-being and mental health; topics include separation anxiety, fear of new experiences, perfectionism, being bullied, repeated unkindness, grief/ bereavement.


Bullies Out, a UK based Anti-Bullying charity, recommend Dudley and Peggy as stories to help foster open and honest conversations about bullying behaviour -


Bracken Wood collection

Stories told through the eyes of threatened and endangered British wildlife instilling values and virtues such as perseverance, respect, acceptance, kindness and gratitude. Facts about each creature's features, habitat and food are weaved through into each story.  

The stories are illustrated by Maria Floyd and Melissa Fife.

Each book uses a dyslexic friendly font and is made from sustainable materials.

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